May 11, 2017 Kevin

SEO review from The Crawleys

It can get a bit tedious blowing my own trumpet all the time, so it’s great when another guy steps up to give it a quick toot.

Today’s trumpeteer is the wonderful Liam Crawley from The Crawleys.

we did the seo for the crawleys wedding photographer

The Crawleys are without doubt the best wedding photographers in the UK. I met Liam when he photographed Laura and I getting married in August 2016 and quickly discovered that he’s not just an awesome photographer, but a great guy too. So when he discovered what I did for a living and asked if I could work on the search engine optimisation for his wedding photography site, I jumped at the chance.

SEO for wedding photographers is relatively painless because of the endless supply of content. Every week there’s at least one new wedding to blog about. It means that as the SEOer I was able to focus solely on the site structure and on-page optimisation.

This essentially boiled down to streamlining the categorisation and ensuring that posts were pulling in the same direction rather than competing with each other.

Sprinkle on a little bit of the old content-hub razzle dazzle and “hey presto” uptown top ranking.

Well, maybe not top. But we’ve made some great strides particularly in gaining high rankings for popular keywords like a search for Manchester wedding photographer that now returns The Crawleys in 4th rather than, err, not at all.

Of course, we’re gunning for number one. But at least the best photographer in the UK has a hope of being seen now rather than languishing in the depths of the Google index.

Anyway, having said I’d let Liam speak for me, I’ve rambled on. So here’s what The Crawleys had to say:

Well, what can I say … I have been blown away with the progress made on our SEO since Kevin started managing things for us towards the end of last year.

Prior to using Basalt Digital, our SEO had been taken care of by another company. We were with them for 9 years and although they managed to maintain a relatively high position for us in google, this was for just a small handful of key words. Kevin opened my eyes to the potential of our website, totally restructured our blog, and in a short space of time has managed to increase our rankings for A LOT more highly competitive search terms in our industry.

Kevin is nothing short of brilliant at what he does and I cannot recommend him enough … if I could give him 10 stars I would!

Liam Crawley – wedding photographer, The Crawleys

You can visit The Crawleys website and specifically you can check out our wedding photos at Tunnels Beaches in Devon. (Damn, that’s a good bit of anchor link work there – 2nd time I nailed my linking in this article too!)

Where was I?

Yeah, so, err. If you’re a wedding photographer looking to improve your search rankings for local searches, get in touch. I’m currently also working on the SEO for Steve Gerrard – formerly of the UK, now Montreal’s number 1 wedding photographer.


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