March 24, 2017 Kevin

Search engine optimisation for wedding photographers

Since we started working with the ever-so-talented The Crawleys we’ve had a steady supply of wedding photographers getting in touch to talk about their SEO.

The good news is that the vast majority of wedding photographers are able to get big SEO gains, quickly because they work in a content-driven industry.

The bad news is that most wedding photographers are spending their time photographing and editing and don’t really have the time to focus on their website SEO.

One of the universal themes of wedding photography websites is WordPress. In fact, we’re yet to have a single client approach us that isn’t using WordPress as their platform.

WordPress is great because anyone can use it. However, with a little knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm you can cause yourself more than a few problems.

The two most common SEO problems for wedding photographers

Keyword stuffing

The temptation to put the same keywords in every URL, page title and heading is strong but must be avoided. Too often we’ve seen websites where the owner is trying to ram the fact that they do wedding photography down your throat. What they end up with is a particularly unappealing site for actual human visitors.

It’s vital that you look at keywords semantically and that you trust the search engines to make connections between the words your using in different sections of your site. Unless you’ve done something terribly wrong Google is going to know your site is about wedding photography, now all you need to do is nudge it towards specifics.


Just because a wedding can be categorised in a dozen different ways doesn’t mean it should.

We’ve spent a lot of time creating meaningful categorisation and pulling the strings behind the scenes to focus efforts on specific categories that can have a big impact on traffic. Spread yourself too thinly and your efforts are guaranteed to be wasted.

Solving the problems

We offer a full SEO management service for wedding photogaphers. We don’t just audit your website and send you a list of recommendations, we do the work for you.

We’ll completely cover the technical aspects of SEO; titles, H1s and meta tags; internal linking, categorisation, and page speed.

Plus, we’ll leave you with a report on what we’ve done and what you need to do to keep your site in tip-top condition in the future. We even supply easy-to-follow videos showing how to do everything so you don’t waste hours trying to work it all out!

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