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SEO review from Pearson College London

In 2015 Pearson College London approached us to help improve search rankings for their site pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk

Pearson College London provides an alternative higher education path for school leavers. In addition to offering “regular” degrees in business management, law and accounting, Pearson College London is leading the way in the provision of degree apprenticeships.

Partnering with organisations like the BBC, Unilever, Tesco, Direct Line Group and Ogilvy, Pearson College London’s degree apprenticeships give students the opportunity to earn a degree in business management while working within a large organisation – and being paid to do it!

Pearson College London is also the home of Escape Studios, a visual effects academy that is training the next generation of vfx artists. Graduates of Escape Studios have produced the visual effects for major films, tv series and video games.

basalt digital seo review

The acquisition of Escape Studios in 2015 and subsequent rebranding created problems for the the site. Working with PCL we helped to ensure that old content was redirected to new pages in a large and complex site without any loss of ranking.

Since then we have made great strides in improving the site’s architecture in line with best practices, creating valuable content hubs to focus the strength of the company’s frequent blogging.

In Q4 2016 we achieved year-on-year organic traffic growth of 61% and we aim to grow even faster in 2017 in order to meet ambitious growth plans for the number of students enrolling on 2017 courses.

Helen Morgan, Head of Communications and Content at Pearson College London said:

“Basalt Digital is a great company to work with; Kevin has helped to drive the SEO strategy for our organisation, he’s passionate about SEO and about our brand. He’s made strong technical suggestions and quickly produced an increase in organic traffic and online conversions. I can highly recommend Basalt Digital to others.”


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