August 10, 2017 Kevin

Review from Dry Patch

One of the perks of running your own business is getting to choose who you work with. Luckily for me, most small business owners that approach me are super-nice. And there are few nicer than Chris Gomez of the cycling clobber company, Dry Patch.

I kid you not. This rugged SOB is Chris Gomez. Not a model. I didn’t nick this photo from Shutterstock. I mean, sure, I nicked it. But from Chris’ site.

Chris used to work in marketing, then decided to sack that shit off and do something he could be truly proud of. Those are my words, not his. But that’s definitely what he meant when we met for coffee at the achingly cool Monocle cafe on Dorset Street.

By the time we met I’d actually already completed some work for Chris. And the meeting wasn’t even about getting me more work – I just wanted to understand his business more and throw out some general marketing ideas for him.

Truth be told, my train fare and the extortionate price of a slice of toast with smashed avocado means I probably ended up losing money on this one. But ho hum. I had a blast.

Anyway, Chris set himself up and produced these nifty seat covers for bikes and motorbikes that save you from looking like you’ve wet yourself after it’s rained on your seat all day.

He’s now adding more lines – like a foldaway rucksack. And a “proper” rucksack (that I keep mentioning in the hope that he’ll send me one to stop me whining on about them).

Chris, like many small business owners (and I mean truly small, one man band kinda affairs), has ideas, and time but little money. More specifically, little liquid money. It’s all tied up in his stock.

I gave Chris a few pointers. Helped him set up his Google Analytics on his Shopify shop. Did some quick tests on his Facebook paid advertising and was on my way. It was like 2/3 of a days work.

I wouldn’t normally take that sort of thing on. But he’s a nice guy and I figured he’d help me out down the line. To prove it here he is being so overly effusive about me that either I made it up or he was drunk at the time he wrote it.

You decide…

“Kevin helped us get all our seo, and Facebook ducks in a row. It was something we knew we needed to get done but found a little daunting to when we were starting out. Kevin made sense of it all for us and helped us test what worked and didn’t work in a cost effective and efficient way”

Chris Gomez, Founder, Dry Patch


Of course, Chris is a real person. As is his review. As is the fact that I’m still trying to find a way to get my hooks into him for some regular cash monies. It’s a business I’d love to be involved with.

But small business doesn’t work that way. Every penny counts and Chris has got to keep it tight, stay liquid and try to get the business to the next level. I’m convinced he will.

Maybe you could help him by buying some of his functional, fashionable kit for commuters on two wheels – like this bicycle seat cover.

And if you’re running a tight budget but want to spend some money getting your digital ducks in a row before you go throwing money at Google and co, just give me a shout.