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Repurposing content to improve SEO

It’s a great idea to conduct a review of your website content on a regular basis to remind yourself what you’ve done and, most importantly, to look for opportunities for repurposing content to improve SEO.

First make a record of the content you have

I do this by logging every page in a spreadsheet and allocating a broad topic to it. It’s really important that you only allocate one or two categories to each page as while it’s often great for a website to have a breadth of content, but it’s most useful if each individual page has a narrow focus.

For example, this page is only about repurposing content in order to improve SEO on a specific term. It’s not going to veer off and talk about other topics.

If, like me, you use WordPress, it’s possible you’ve already categorised your content when it is published. You might have tagged it too. So you can simply download your content from your WordPress dashboard.

Look for repeated content or gaps

When you sort your content by the topic or category it relates to you’ll soon spot two things.

  • Where you have gaps in your content (This website says it deals with optimising PPC campaigns yet I don’t have any posts about that topic !)
  • Where you have a large supply of content

We’re interested in the latter and how we can use that supply of content to create new super-content! )But we might want to think about filling gaps in our content too.)

Let’s take a real life example.

Repurposing content to improve SEO for a wedding photographer

If I were a wedding photographer that wanted to increase my presence in a specific part of the country I could review my content for all weddings I’d shot in an area (the North West), county (Cheshire) or even venue (Thornton Manor).

Depending on the amount of content I had at each level I could repurpose some of that content to create a page focusing on a keyword related to the content:

  • North west wedding photographer
  • Cheshire wedding photographer
  • Thornton Manor wedding photographer

As we get more specific we’re focusing on a much smaller audience but if I have enough content for each level of the search landscape I’m going to look at covering it off.

my wedding photography business isn't showing up in search results

If I’ve covered lots of weddings at Thornton Manor there’s a good chance that each of my blog posts is competing with each other because a blog post is a blog post is a blog post. So perhaps I give each of them a similar page title, something like x & y’s Thornton Manor Wedding and then the body copy is pretty much the same.

None of the weddings I’ve covered at the venue is ranking particularly highly because Google and Bing aren’t really sure which of my Thornton Manor pages to put highest. The result is that none of them rank highly.


So what I might want to do now is take all of these¬†shoots and create a super-page…


Thornton Manor wedding photographer
We spoke to six couples whose weddings at Thornton Manor we had the pleasure of photographing and asked them to choose their favourite shots from the day. Check out their selections below. As you can see, even though these couples all got married at the same venue and they were all shot by the same photographer the results are truly unique.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your wedding photos represent you so we come up with fresh ideas and new angles to reflect your personalities. We don’t just deliver you a standard set of Thornton Manor wedding photos, we deliver something you’ll cherish.


Keep it fresh and come up with as many different themed pages as you can and try to look at each page in a different way. Maybe you want to focus on seaside wedding photographer, destination wedding photographer, Indian wedding photographer, hipster wedding photographer. Whatever you fancy.

The key part is to make your page totally specific to the topic. Make sure the page title, headline, url and content all talk about the same single topic.

Need help re-purposing content?

Maybe you’re so busy running your business that you don’t really have time to repurpose your content. Rather than miss out on the fantastic opportunity to target some valuable keywords why not speak to us about content repurposing?

In addition to repurposing content for webpages we’re experienced at changing content from one format to another, like creating photo slideshows, powerpoint presentations or informational videos. We’ve even got a background in traditional print publishing if you want to take some of your content offline.[/text][/one_col][/row]

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