Hitting the top of the rankings for your most important keywords can have a huge beneficial impact on your business but getting there isn’t as easy as you might think. Once upon a time you could pay a back-alley SEO “specialist” to stuff your website full of keywords and you were at the races.

But the search engines got wise to that. Now it seems they expect you to hit the top by producing unique and engaging content – the swines.

There’s no denying it, producing content is time consuming, especially when you’re busy running your business. That’s why we offer a full or part managed SEO service. Sit back and let us create content or deliver the content and let us deal with the boring technical aspects (URL structure, page titles, H1 tags, linking – ZZZzzzzzz).

If you’re after a quick win we’re experts at re-purposing old content in any format or variety and turning it into a valuable piece of search engine friendly text.

Here you’ll find our latest posts relating to search engine optimisations. We’ve got a couple of SEO reviews, technical recommendations for your site to rank better, and general SEO stuff that’s not very interesting to the majority of people. Enjoy!

06 Oct 2016

Improving the SEO of your WordPress website

Wordpress is a fantastic tool for amateur and professional website builders alike and its best feature is its ability to provide a logical structure to your content to improve your SEO. Search Engines love structure. They are built upon relationships between pieces of content - links. Inbound links are extremely important, but there's an extent to which they're out of your hands. You can only ask someone to link to you or hope that they find your content compelling enough to do it off their own back. Internal links aren't as important as inbound links but they are crucial in…

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06 Oct 2016

Repurposing content to improve SEO

It's a great idea to conduct a review of your website content on a regular basis to remind yourself what you've done and, most importantly, to look for opportunities for repurposing content to improve SEO. First make a record of the content you have I do this by logging every page in a spreadsheet and allocating a broad topic to it. It's really important that you only allocate one or two categories to each page as while it's often great for a website to have a breadth of content, but it's most useful if each individual page has a narrow…

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28 Sep 2016

How often do I need to post to improve SEO?

First things first, why post at all? We believe that blogging is and will continue to be one of the most powerful ways of improving your search performance. In an ideal world, the good citizens of the internet will all spend their time sitting around talking about how good your business is. But in reality, most people probably don't care about your brand. Do you expect anyone is talking a great deal about "accountants in Guildford" or "flat roofing specialists in Surrey". Nope. They're surely not. So, you have to talk about yourself. Or if not yourself, your industry and…

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26 Sep 2016

Will I lose website rankings if I change my domain name?

Changing your brand name, or even just your website domain name, could have a huge detrimental impact on your SEO. So it's really important that a change is handled properly in order to maintain your website rankings. There are a few situations that could force you to change your website address and the steps you need to take might be different depending on what you're doing. Rebranding an entire site Changing hosting and rebranding an entire site Merging a new site with your existing site Replacing your site with a completely new site Switching sites (the sites remain the same…

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