September 28, 2016 Kevin

How often do I need to post to improve SEO?

First things first, why post at all?

We believe that blogging is and will continue to be one of the most powerful ways of improving your search performance.

In an ideal world, the good citizens of the internet will all spend their time sitting around talking about how good your business is. But in reality, most people probably don’t care about your brand. Do you expect anyone is talking a great deal about “accountants in Guildford” or “flat roofing specialists in Surrey”.

Nope. They’re surely not.

So, you have to talk about yourself. Or if not yourself, your industry and your clients.

Again, a perfect world would dictate that the posts you make on your blog are unique and engaging and shared by every social media user ever. But it’s an impossible task. And the reality is that what Google classifies as unique and engaging are fairly arbitrary and not exactly onerous to achieve.

How often do you need to post?

There’s a diminishing return here. The general rule is start out with more and scale back as time goes by. It should be easier at the outset as you’ve got lots of topics to cover and your enthusiasm will be greater. And it’s generally easier to maintain a position than to gain one.

Trying to post at least once a week is your aim. Maybe after a while you can drop it to fortnightly or a little less.

If you’re a sole trader, this might be a bit of a challenge. But if you’re not alone, why not ask your colleagues to pitch in. Expertise is not required.

And if you’re taking first steps you don’t even need the kind of keyword-researched, SEO-friendly content that an agency like ours would produce.

You know your business, you know your clients and how they speak and what they expect to hear. So talk to them.

But if you’re finding it hard to sit down and write – or if you simply have better things to do with your time, why not seek out an agency or marketing consultant.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Those blogs about the “best probate solicitors in Guildford” aren’t going to write themselves.

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