August 11, 2017 Kevin

How to add posts on Google My Business

Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you havent. Either way, you need to get on board with Google My Business posts asap.

You have claimed your Google My Business listing, right?


OK. Go grab that. These guys have got a guide to setting up Google My Business, I can’t be bothered writing it all out fresh just to insinuate that I’m smarter/as smart as them. In fact, by being ruthlessly efficient and just linking to the copy they lovingly crafted I am being smarter. Ha!

Anyway. You’ve done that and now you’re on Google My Business.

Now all you have to do is go to your business and select Posts and this screen will pop up


How to add a post on Google My Business

Then you just drag and drop your photo. Write a few words and choose if you want to add a button with a call to action. And post it.

Hey presto, it appears on your business listing when someone pulls it up on Google:

Screenshot showing how a google my business post appears on Google

Will it have any SEO benefit? I doubt it. And the posts only last a week. But it’s worth getting on this early. Especially if you’re in e-commerce as you can put up timely offers and get some free real estate for them.