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Wedding photography is increasingly competitive with more and more photographers cropping up every month. It seems like anyone with a half-decent camera and a few lenses is calling themselves a professional wedding photographer nowadays.

What’s worse is that anyone can knock together a website in WordPress or Squarespace and start ranking for your keywords.

I say your keywords because every wedding photographer that approaches me has at least two or three keywords that they think they should rank highly for. More often than not they’re keywords that they used to rank for and that they’d like to get back to to the top of the rankings. But sometimes there are keywords that they’ve never had a look in with.

If you’re hanging around on page 4 or 5 and you’d like to get up to page one there’s good news. It can be done. First things, first.

3 proven tactics for wedding photography SEO

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Categorise sparingly
  3. Use your blog titles and urls wisely

So. What do these mean?

Blog regularly

Blogging allows you to keep your website front and centre. Google will look for the date it a page was last modified and if this date is after the date it was previously indexed, it will re-crawl it. But more than that, regular blogging gives you the opportunity to cover off a vast range of keywords. I know you think that most people are searching for “[county] wedding photographer” but the truth is, whilst it might be the keyword with the single largest search volume, your long-tail keywords are going to bring you more traffic.

Categorise sparingly

One of the biggest problems with sites that I take a look at is the sheer volume of categories assigned to each post or page. For my money you want to limit your categories to one or maybe two. Avoid the temptation to cover off five thousand variations of the venue you shot at – you don’t need to have categories for “photography”, “photographer”, “photos” and everything else in between.

Use your blog titles and urls wisely

Unlike categories, the problem with blog titles and urls is that a lot of wedding photographers try to really ram home their biggest target keyword in every blog title and url. Don’t! If you’ve followed the second step and you’re categorising nice and neatly you’ll be in a great position to get your keywords in by creating a path that looks like %website%/%category%/%blog-title%/

Obviously that’s all a bit vague. But you can check out some of the specific posts on my site for more advice on the specifics. Or just reach out to ol’ man Google and you’ll find a tonne of advice.

Is your SEO guy ripping you off?

Unfortunately there are a lot of stories of wedding photographers who feel they been ripped off by their SEO guy. Sadly, they’re sometimes right. They have been taken for a bit of a ride.

But more often it seems that there’s been some miscommunication.

Clients come in to SEO agreements because they want results. In their mind they’re paying to be #1 or to at least get close. But in the eyes of the agency they’ve paid for a range of tasks to be completed. The agency will say they’ve completed those tasks as agreed, and whether or not the site got to #1 or close, is to a certain extent, out of their hands.

Of course, the agency is technically correct. No SEO company can guarantee #1 rankings. They can’t guarantee any kind of ranking improvement. I mean, if 100 wedding photographers all embark on an SEO campaign they can’t all improve. It’s a zero-sum game (for a site to go up a position in the rankings another site has to go down a position).

So if a client comes to me they have to sign a contract that explicitly says I won’t/can’t guarantee improved rankings. That’s not to say I don’t think they’ll improve their rankings. In fact, I wouldn’t take on a client if I didn’t think I could increase their rankings and help them to bring in more clients. It’s just that from a liability perspective I can’t guarantee it. There are too many variables outside of my control.

I’ve lost clients at this point. They’ve told me so. But that’s the way it is. I’d rather that any client I start working with is fully aware of what I’m offering than that I win a contract and then a few month’s later they’re bad mouthing me because they didn’t get the results they expected.

If anyone could absolutely guarantee #1 rankings they’d be filthy rich. They’d own the top websites for everything they dreamed of. They wouldn’t be spending their time on your photography site 🙁

I’m not saying it’s your fault. But take a look at your contract (you got a contract, right?) and look at what your SEO guy did. have they delivered? If not, you’ve got a right to be aggrieved. And you’ve got reason to mistrust SEO agencies.

But it’s possible that they’ve done everything right and it’s just not been enough to keep up with the pack.

Wedding photographer SEO reviews

Here’s a cool review I got from one of the UK’s finest wedding photographers, The Crawleys.

In a strict SEO sense I should just straight-up link to this post on my website. But because I like to learn new things I’ve embedded this tweet. Fun times, eh?

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