To grant access to your WordPress account

  1. Log in to your account (yeah, this is step-by-step!)
  2. In the left hand menu hover over “Users” then click on “Add new”
  3. As a minimum add a username, email address and generate a password (by clicking on “Show password”)
  4. Give a level of access. If you’re comfortable with it it’s best to let your agency have a really good look around and see what plugins and stuff you’ve got under the bonnet, so Admin level is ideal. But if you’re not sure you can probably just give a level like “Editor” to start.
  5. Click the blue “Add new user” button.
  6. Bingo bango. You’ve added someone.

Why do you need to do this?

It’s vital that an SEO agency can understand what content you have and how it is structured. Your WordPress set up makes it clear what’s what.

It also let’s them see what plugins you’re running that might have slow your site down or have other implications.