Follow these steps to grant access to your Google Search Console account.

  1. Sign in to Search Console at using your Google account details. (If you don’t already have Google account details, you won’t have Search Console set up. You’ll need my – as yet unwritten – guide to creating a Google account. This guide is no longer of any use to you so go watch some Rick and Morty or do something cool instead and wait for me to write it.)
  2. Click on ‘Manage Property’ then click on ‘Add or remove users’.
  3. On the next screen click on the red box saying “Add a new user”
  4. In the pop-up enter the email address of the user you wish to add and then select an access level and click “Add.” The levels are broadly:
    • Restricted -Can only view the majority of fields and entries
    • Full – The user can edit and add information including some fundamental settings that have the ability to really balls your site up
  5.  You are doneso! The person you’ve just added should get an email telling them they’re in.

Why should I do this?

Search Console reveals some important information about broken pages, structured data (don’t ask), indexing, sitemaps and other behind the scenes stuff that indicate the health of your site.

Search Console is vital for anyone that really wants to get to grips with your search engine optimisation (seo).


How do I revoke access?

If you want to remove someone simply follow steps 1 and 2 but then instead of clicking “Add a new user” simply click on delete next to the email you want to take access away from.

If in doubt, check out the handy info over at Google HQ.