May 6, 2017 Kevin

The worst marketing consultant in Guildford?

I sometimes wonder if I’m the worst marketing consultant in Guildford.

Most of the time I tell people not to hire me.

It’s only fair really, given that I spend a lot of time telling people not to hire other marketing consultants.

I accept that it’s a bit of a bizarre strategy. Laura isn’t particularly a fan as it doesn’t put kalamata olive bread on the table. But I’m playing a long game.

My clients like me (I think) because I don’t push my luck. I have a terrible habit of quoting far below market rates, especially if I like a person or their product. And I’m honest.

If I think there’s nothing more I can do. I’ll say so.

And I don’t tie people down to 12 month contracts that they have to pay to leave early. We go quarter-by-quarter so you can assess the results and give you the chance to bail if you hit a cashflow problem.

I’ll try to add some more reviews but it’s not easy to get people to write a review for little when they have so much else to do in their lives.

Here’s one from the lovely guys at Pearson College London to tide us over until the others come flooding in.


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