December 16, 2016 Kevin


I’ve been talking about “why” a lot recently and today I was learning about mavens – the influencers who are shaping the things we do and the things we buy.

It reminded me of a scene in Freaks and Geeks – the awesome TV show you’ve probably never heard of, let alone watched – where Daniel gets invited to play Dungeons and Dragons with the geeks.

It’s amazing how much the exchange reflects the power of “why?”. To the point that Daniel literally asks the question.

Anyway, even if you don’t see a marketing angle here you should see the show. It’s on Netflix so there’s almost no excuse to miss it. Martin Starr’s character Bill is sensational – even though Laura calls him Little Barrow as it makes her think of me as a child. I’m not sure why, It might be this picture of a really Little Barrow that I gave her in a valentines card once. Can you imagine this cool kid growing up to be like Bill?

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