May 11, 2017 Kevin

Saying goodbye to the bakery

I really enjoyed my time working with Meg Rivers.

Julian and Liff are wonderful people and they have a really nice brand.

I used to think they had great products too. When I worked for Meg Rivers I was a mere vegetarian so I didn’t have any problem with their products which relied on plenty o’ eggs and butter.

Towards the end of 2016 Julian asked me to seek out a partnership with a shooting magazine. But the magazine endorsed a barbaric hunting competition in Scotland and I had to tell Julian I couldn’t do it.

Shortly after – though not because of this – I decided to cut out all animal products from my diet (to a militant level, no honey for me!) And from my wardrobe so I won’t buy wooly jumpers or leather chaps any more either.

It also meant I needed to say goodbye to the bakery. I couldn’t reconcile my personal beliefs with trying to flog eggs and butter to everyone else. So we parted ways but remain friends.

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