December 16, 2016 Kevin

Number Five Project: Christmas Gift Drive

This year we want to help the good folks at Number Five Project to bring a little Christmas cheer to the homeless people of our town.

Number Five Project provides overnight shelter for 14 men and 2 women every night of the year. Giving them somewhere warm and safe to stay as well as dinner and breakfast.

Help With Homelessness

We’ve been given a list of things to try and get into some gift boxes and we need your help to get it done in time for us to deliver to #5 on Christmas Eve.

The latest wish list is below. But before we get to that, a quick thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Kia Irving, Garry Pierrepont, Sam Peters, Joe Braden, Jack Shaw, Aaron Hennessey, Metro Bank. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s what we’re after (Last update 22/12 17:25):

  • big bars of chocolate Done. We don’t have big bars of chocolate, but we have 16 bags of chocolate coins!
  • small torches
  • gloves Done. Yay!
  • packs of warm socks Done. Yay!
  • hand warmers
  • small 2017 diaries Done. Yay!
  • beanie style hats
  • small foldaway umbrellas
  • bags of old style sweets Done. Yay!
  • AA &/or AAA batteries Done. Yay!
  • wrapping paper Done. Yay!

Can you help by donating something?

By all means, donate anything else you think would be nice just make sure there’s no alcohol (that means no Christmas pudding!).

Please, please, please, help us spread the word and spread some cheer this Christmas. It won’t cost you the earth and if you own a business you get a tax break, so you can do good for less!

Drop us an email at or get in touch via twitter @basalt_digital if you can help. We’d love to hear from you.

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