March 24, 2017 Kevin

Why did I get into this? Part 1 – Fun times

Why did you start your business?

Or, if you’re an employee, why did you choose to join the company?

Hopefully the answer wasn’t “the money” (and I say that knowing how important money is in general).

I started basalt because I wanted to be independent, to choose who I worked for, when and how I worked and to make decisions that I thought would just be fun – regardless of what everyone else thinks.

But more than anything I wanted to have fun.

I thought about having fun while designing my invoices. Invoices are inherently boring things. Generally everyone does the same thing and, by law, you pretty much have to say the same things.

But there’s no law that says an invoice has to be dull. So I decided to have a bit of fun. Now, if I were an employee at all but the most imaginative businesses, I’m sure I’d be told where to file this invoice design. But I’m my own boss so I can do as I please.

Laura isn’t a fan. She doesn’t think some clients will like it. But I think that the clients that matter will. I hope they’ll find it funny and memorable. I hope they’ll look at it and recognise that I’ve just taken an opportunity to express myself and stand out from the crowd.

Could it be massively polarising? Yes. Have I gone to far? Maybe.

Was it fun coming up with it? Absolutely.


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