September 16, 2016 Kevin

Digital Marketing Consultant in Guildford

Basalt is the home of a vastly experienced digital marketing manager and business improvement officer with expertise in a range of marketing channels and business areas.

Digital marketing project planning and execution

Whether you need email marketing, PPC, SEO, copywriting or ecommerce, choose Basalt for a great value solution. We have implemented automated email marketing programs, integrated new payment systems (including Direct Debit and PayPal recurring payments), optimised website content for better search engine rankings and much more besides.

A trusted marketing consultant

We are happy to consider all projects and want you to rest assured that if we don’t feel we’re the best team for the job, we’ll let you know. What’s more we’ll even try and point you towards someone better placed to help if we can – even if it means we “lose” the job.

Who could benefit from our freelance marketing advice?

Our digital marketing project work is targeted at larger businesses that probably already have a marketing executive or manager, but that feel they could benefit from specific experience relating to their needs.

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media
  • Email Marketing
Freelance marketing manager for small businesses

If you don’t know which digital channel is best for you, why not consider retaining a digital marketing consultant on a monthly basis?

Our managed marketing gives you the power of an in house marketing manager with none of the overheads and training involved in recruiting one of your own.

This option is generally targeted at small, owner-operated businesses as it is the best solution for clearing all of the marketing tasks from your desk in one fell swoop.

We can manage and update your website, send it email marketing offers, create flyers, source lists, prepare you for an exhibition and run your PPC advertising.

How you decide to use us is up to you but if you’re not sure then you can always fall back on a marketing plan written specifically for you.

There’s a solution for every budget and the pace and volume of work can be adjust to suit your needs.

As every company is different it’s impossible to give a hard quote without properly assessing the opportunities for growth. But you can rest assured we’ll do my utmost to find a way to make your budget generate a return.

To start exploring how we can help your business, give us a call on 07846 853 979 or see the contact page for other ways of reaching us.

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