October 13, 2016 Kevin

Is it better to have a unique website or a templated one?

When you’re planning a new website (or updating an old one) there’s one question you have to address early on:

Should I get a unique, custom-built website made for me or should I use WordPress?

I found myself thinking about this because a local Chambers of Commerce welcomed one of their new members and their pitch went…

Does you website reflect the quality and values of your business?

First we talk to you. Then we design your website from the ground up – so you get exactly what your business needs. And because we never use templates you get a great design, unique to your business.

The company is it’seeze. They’re a franchise operation that build websites (surprise!) Now, I must confess. I have never used it’seeze and they might be the best website builder in the world.

But I take issue with their implication that a unique website is better. In my experience, it’s almost definitely not.

What does unique mean? What unique isn’t

Nothing outside of the its’eeze template is unique. There’s no SEO benefitto building your website with it’seeze vs going with WordPress. SEO still relies upon achieving specific on and off-page targets. So don’t worry about that.

So what’s the alternative to it’seeze?

I find it impossible to understand why any business owner would build their site using anything but WordPress.

Millions of sites use WordPress because it’s free, it’s scaleable, it has a billion plugins that slot together meaning you can do anything in minutes without an IT contractor or employee.

IF you have the time and the willingness to learn (and there are tonnes of how-to guides out there) you can build a website for free in no time at all. And it’ll look great.

And when you’re done, it’ll be easy to update. And if you change your mind you can switch template. Or download the database of posts and move to Drupal or whatever else you fancy.

Instances where a bespoke website is best What now?

Go on, build your website. And if you get a bit stuck give me a call or drop me an email. I won’t even charge you for a bit of help to get you on your way.

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