Cool beans

Hey, so you got the coffee!

I hope you liked it. I picked that particular roast myself from a roaster a couple of miles from the office. It’s waaaay freshly ground.

I wanted a way to say thank you to existing clients and to do something a little different to put myself in front of prospective clients. Whichever you are, welcome. This is probably your first visit to our website.

If you like the coffee you might want to buy a little bit more so I set a little shop.

If you’d like to buy a lot more. Even better.

Maybe you’d like to reach out to your clients, prospective clients, friends and family and treat them to some bespoke coffee. I’m working on some packaging options if you need something super-polished.

Or, you can go for the folksy home-spun efforts like I put together (I had a load of fun using my stamp set from HobbyCraft!)

Anyway, there’s no pressure to buy any but I’d be delighted if you couldĀ do a tweet or Facebook or Instagram post of you with your coffee. That would be awesome.

If you’d like to get your own branded coffee I’m sure we can make that happen. I can source the coffee, design your labels and get it shipped to your place. Just give me a bell on 07846 853 979 or email me on